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hi uolsss. nama iolss nur farhana, boleh panggil nana je. awok anak jati negeri perak!

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Hello guys and assalammualaikum :D

First of all, I would like to thanks to my friend because she take me a ride yesterday. At last, there is honest person that wanna me accompany her to buy new sim cards for her and her boyfie. Awww so sweet.

I really wondering, many topup shop near with my residents. But why, she can't find digi easy buddy? LOL. So she take me go straight to Greentown Mall only for seeking that sim.

As we know that Wani's boyfriend name is Amir. But why she registered it with Izzudin name? I wondering again. After she done wrote details for her boyfie registration. I suddenly ask her without worrying anything that can hurt her.

"Ehh bf baru ke? Asal nama lain? " She answered me "Aah lepas seminggu aku putus dengan amir, terus budak ni masuk line. Dia budak kelas aku. Aku baru tahu yang dia dah lama syok kat aku sejak sem 1 lagi"

Wow. So fast! She can find the another guy. Woaaa. Im totally shock. They are sweet couple.

Lalalalala, wani talked the whole story why she became like that. Her ex wanna broke with her just because that wani like to sulk anytime. Is that a reason? If yes, you are stupid man.

After two weeks, her ex seeking her again. And again. Wani just ignore him. Wani said that she has izzuddin right now. So dun disturb her. What a brave girl!

Lalalala, actually the main point is i wanna to say that my situation with wani is going to same.

But there is still differences such as i dun find my new bf, then my ex doesnt seek me again. That only the differences. The similarities between my ex and her ex is giving a ridiculous reason when want this relationship break. As i said just now, you are stupid dear exs.

Until now, i dunno why i cant accept any guys that wanna me be his gf. I cant. Maybe i still love him? I dont know. But he has a new life with his hew gf. He dumped me and find another girl. So cruel you are.

But nevermind, Allah is with me :)

My heart just for him. I still can;t forget him. Forget the memories. All about him.

His laugh, the way his walk, talk, all about you. maybe this is punishment for me because my last sins.

I accepted what He did to me. Because He know the best for me. Insyaallah :D